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Encryption – like Seat Belts

James Dean - Not Thrown Clear
James Dean – Not Thrown Clear

Back in the day macho types, often wearing t-shirts and smoking Marlboros Reds, would tell you that they don’t wear seat belts because this lack of seat belts makes it more likely that they would be “thrown clear” in the event of an accident. Sounds pretty reasonable until you ponder where you might be “thrown clear” to in a crash – the middle of a highway, into a wall, off a bridge, tumbling down a road with mailboxes and telephone poles – you get the picture. The reality is that of the youngest and healthiest (teens and young adults) involved in fatal crashes in 2014, almost 60% were not wearing seat belts.

28pct Don't Use Encryption in Public Cloud
28% don’t use encryption in public cloud

These days, most view buckling up as table stakes for anteing up at the steering wheel. Beyond obvious benefits including avoiding tickets for not wearing seat belts, they even help hold you in place when you are driving fast – making for a better and more comfortable experience.

We recently did a survey on cloud adoption and factors impacting what may be the single biggest sea change the IT industry has seen since the rise of the PC (that would be cloud adoption.) We were not surprised when 46% of the survey respondents reported that Security was their biggest concern with moving to the public cloud (most popular response).

What really did surprise us though was finding that a full 28% reported not running any encryption on their private cloud deployments. More than one in four. Sort of like when someone claims to be very serious about safety and then doesn’t wear seat belts. Or perhaps more like when someone claims to be very serious about safety and then says “Hold my beer and watch this!”

Hopefully those ones and zeros will be thrown clear and not end up on pastebin.

TL;DR – we surveyed 400+ enterprise IT types at VMworld and learned that 28% were not using encryption and other surprising facts. Get the report here.

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