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Analyzing, Auto-Encrypting and Tagging Sensitive VMs

Last week HyTrust announced the launch of HyTrust CloudAdvisor Version 2.2.1 (HTCA 2.2.1) which provides further integration with HyTrust DataControl (HTDC) and HyTrust CloudControl (HTCC). More specifically, the new version supports the ability to: Automatically encrypt VMs using HyTrust DataControl when sensitive data is detected Analyze and monitor VMs encrypted by HyTrust DataControl Label VMs in […]

Banks See Increasing Security Threats Against Employees with Administrator Access

While much of the focus on cyber security up to this point has been on customers and identity theft, businesses now realize that the threat is broader than expected. This fact is proving especially true for banking institutions. A recent interview with Europol director Rob Wainright reveals that hackers are increasingly targeting banks and their […]

How the Gap in Cyber Security Skills Can Be Filled by Better Tools

Businesses are adopting cloud services faster than the workforce can meet the demand. Building out the nation’s supply of cloud security professionals, which is currently woefully inadequate, will take several years. To cope with the shortfall, businesses can utilize security tools that replace the need for some of these workers, allowing them to do more […]

The Modern Virtual Data Center: Availability with Security and Compliance

Today’s enterprise IT professionals are fighting for their jobs. Who’s stealing them? AWS, that’s who. As businesses reach for the immediate gratification of Infrastructure as a Service – instant scale up, agility, no waiting for hardware provisioning – they aren’t thinking about security. They’re thinking about business benefits first, leaving security for someone else to […]

System Admins Should Be Noticed for Their Skills, Not Their Mistakes

Many system administrators feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of their company. They get no respect. When everything’s running smoothly, no one seems to notice or remember that admins made it happen. But when things go wrong, the entire organization can grind to a standstill. At that point, everyone’s complaining and pointing fingers at your system […]

Leverage Smart HR Tactics to Prevent Insider Data Theft

Businesses tend to focus on IT security when it comes to protecting their data, but your Human Resources department has an important role to play, as well. HR departments have been battling this menace since well before the age of computers. By leveraging the lessons learned by employers in managing employee dishonesty and focusing on […]

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