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The Three Categories of Container Security

Overview When it comes to securing containers one has to consider a holistic approach. Besides the security and integrity of the images one needs to ensure the container infrastructure i.e the container management system such as Kubernetes orchestrator and the virtual machines or hosts where the orchestrator is running are properly secured. Even though the […]

Avoid Becoming the Next Data Breach Victim

In the last year, some of the biggest companies in the world were plagued by equally massive data breaches – making it clear that organizations and IT teams of all sizes are in need of security reform. Only by implementing stronger security measures and policies can organizations prevent devastating security events from continuing to take […]

Four Data Crimes You Don’t Need to Commit

Picture a crime scene after a break-in. The images in your mind might include broken windows, shattered glass and signs of a struggle. Does that vision change if you learn the break-in took place virtually, affecting the contents of a data center – instead of a home? When a data breach occurs, there’s no physical […]

Thank You, Dr. Amoroso, for Making 3 Smart Cybersecurity Recommendations to the President-Elect

In what is likely the first open letter to President-Elect Donald J. Trump from a member of the U.S. cybersecurity community, an industry leader has made three smart recommendations regarding the nation’s security defenses—including choosing one standard security compliance framework (NIST), reducing dependence on enterprise perimeters, and expanding the educational Cyber Corps program. HyTrust applauds […]

Put Your SIEM on Steroids with Granular Monitoring

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) refers to software products and services that combine security information management and security event management. A SIEM collects log files and allows for real-time analysis of data that helps security analysts take defensive measures. However, the SIEM can only roll up the data it receives from various applications and […]

Venom – Cloud Security Shattering or Shrug-Worthy?

The recently-uncovered Venom security vulnerability can be a nightmare for virtual administrators and cloud service providers. This zero-day flaw is a threat to the multi-tenant nature of the cloud. As the vulnerability resides in one of the most critical components in widely used virtualization software, it allows an outsider to gain access over potentially every […]

Keep Up with the Changing Threat Landscape by Understanding the True Nature of Security

“Security is a journey, not a destination.” Symantec CISO Patricia Titus includes that statement in her email signature as a reminder that we should not lose focus on the big picture when it comes to information security. Too often, companies spend so much time chasing the latest threat instead of stepping back to reconsider how […]

Breaking the Cloud Kill Chain: Why Perimeter Security Is No Longer Enough

Bad actors love admin accounts, especially in the cloud. With the broad permissions afforded these users, they become ideal attack targets allowing attackers to propagate malware, bypass controls and cover their tracks after they’ve wrecked their havoc. Having a measured, structured approach to defending such attacks helps companies to address them in the early stages. […]

Businesses Need CISOs to Bring Both Security and Leadership

Feeling misunderstood and underappreciated is par for the course for information security workers. They only get attention when something goes wrong. And in the boardroom, the problem is exacerbated by a perception of CISOs as glorified admins. For businesses to succeed in implementing strong security, driven by the top-down approach risk managers recommend, they need […]

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