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Alex Handy on Application Containers

Remember Steve Balmer’s epic rant about the importance of developers? Now like many things in tech, containers are recapitulating the OS and one of the most important things about them is how developers love them. Speaking of recapitulating, application containers are in a way similar to virtual machines – but less. While a VM will […]

First, We Need to Secure the Container

While there are many opinions and much excitement around containers, one thing is clear: there is a lot of work to be done on the security side of containerization. Earlier in the year, the Docker folks released a security benchmark for Docker. The sheer size of the doc, 118 pages and the scope (84 best […]

VMs, Containers and Reality

Blog posts on Containers require a stock photo of shipping containers. Here’s ours. Living in the echo chamber of The Valley or even the greater world of technology, it is easy to lose track of reality for all the forward looking vendor noise. Of course it is both natural and understandable that those who are […]

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