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Compliance in the Cloud

Analyzing, Auto-Encrypting and Tagging Sensitive VMs

Last week HyTrust announced the launch of HyTrust CloudAdvisor Version 2.2.1 (HTCA 2.2.1) which provides further integration with HyTrust DataControl (HTDC) and HyTrust CloudControl (HTCC). More specifically, the new version supports the ability to: Automatically encrypt VMs using HyTrust DataControl when sensitive data is detected Analyze and monitor VMs encrypted by HyTrust DataControl Label VMs in […]

Securing the Post-Chewy Center SDDC: Enhanced Multi-Cloud Workload Security

Today we announced updates to our DataControl and CloudControl products to help provide even better protection for the new virtualized and multi-cloud enterprise. Over the past few years the data center has changed radically, but security has struggled to keep up, necessitating a new approach. John Kindervag at Forrester was one of the first to […]

Compliance as a Service – Is it Time?

Compliance is an increasingly large and important driver of IT and security activity and spend. While it is important to keep in mind that compliance is not security and that security needs to be the end goal which is achieved within the boundaries defined by whatever compliance regimes you are facing, be they PCI, HIPAA, […]

NIST 800-125B Might be the Most Important Standard to Defend Your Cloud

The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a range of standards and guidance leveraged by commercial and government entities worldwide.  Recently NIST released a draft Special Publication called SP 800-125 B , Secure Virtual Network Configuration for Virtual Machine (VM) Protection.  This draft standard augments another draft publication SP-800-125 A, Security Recommendations for Hypervisor […]

Houston, We Have a Problem

When the Apollo 13 astronauts had a problem, quick action was needed for the astronauts’ safety and success of the mission, as is often the case with space travel. Companies who handle data between the US and the EU are today realizing… “We have a problem.”   That problem is the obliteration of US-EU Safe […]

Gain Uptime and Compliance by Building Operational Assurance into Your Private Cloud

Given that your business relies on application and data availability, establishing strong operational assurance is vital to the profitability of your organization. Many factors go into keeping your private cloud running – with uptime, agility, and compliance often leading as priorities. But there is a better way. Organizations can ensure smoothly running, secure, and compliant […]

Protecting Your Hypervisor: When the Enemy Breaks Through the Line, Command and Control Is the New Soft Underbelly

The foundation of modern day cloud security completely depends on the security of your hypervisor. It’s the hypervisor that controls and coordinates the functioning of virtual machines running on a server. With the shift to virtualization, the hypervisor becomes your most vulnerable point. In order to increase efficiency, organizations are condensing multiple virtual machines into […]

Continuous Monitoring Offers Sustainable Compliance

Verizon’s 2015 PCI report is out, offering some reassurance to those worried about the state of security in point of sale systems. But compliance rates continue to be low. The report notes that the number of organizations meeting full compliance nearly doubled from 2013. But only about a quarter of those organizations managed to remain […]

FDA Guidelines for Medical Device Security Offer Wise Approach to PHI Security

New voluntary guidance from the FDA tells medical device managers to address security before submitting devices for pre-market review. This approach underscores the importance of security integration in product design (not just for the device, but for the firmware and systems that host the data) rather than the add-on approach that has failed so many […]

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