Hemma Prafullchandra

Hemma Prafullchandra is CTO and EVP, Products at HyTrust. She is responsible for HyTrust strategy and its security and compliance innovations. As an evangelist for what’s possible, she drives the company and eco-system (partners, industry bodies, customers) to enable cost-effective, secure deployment of virtualization and cloud.

A Non-Theoretical Take on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

As HyTrust’s CTO I have the opportunity to work with a lot of the best and brightest minds in security, in both the Government and Private Sector. This is a tremendous honor and has afforded me unique perspectives on how people in various types of organizations think about security – and how they implement it. […]

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NIST IR 7904: Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud

I am happy to announce that NIST IR 7904, Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud: Proof of Concept Implementation, has finally been completed. The “finally” warrants an explanation! I first engaged with Tim Grance and Murugiah Souppaya of NIST in October of 2008, just a few weeks after I had joined HyTrust. A very special HyTrust […]

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Succeeding in the Valley – for Women and Men

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Caroline Dowd-Higgens on her podcast, Your Working Life. We discussed a number of topics around career and work and I hope you find the time to listen to not only her interview with me but also some of the other folks she has done podcasts with. […]

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NIST 800-125B Might be the Most Important Standard to Defend Your Cloud

The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a range of standards and guidance leveraged by commercial and government entities worldwide.  Recently NIST released a draft Special Publication called SP 800-125 B , Secure Virtual Network Configuration for Virtual Machine (VM) Protection.  This draft standard augments another draft publication SP-800-125 A, Security Recommendations for Hypervisor […]

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