Hemma Prafullchandra, Author at HyTrust

Hemma Prafullchandra

A Non-Theoretical Take on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

As HyTrust’s CTO I have the opportunity to work with a lot of the best and brightest minds in security, in both the Government and Private Sector. This is a tremendous honor and has afforded me unique perspectives on how people in various types of organizations think about security – and how they implement it. […]

NIST IR 7904: Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud

I am happy to announce that NIST IR 7904, Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud: Proof of Concept Implementation, has finally been completed. The “finally” warrants an explanation! I first engaged with Tim Grance and Murugiah Souppaya of NIST in October of 2008, just a few weeks after I had joined HyTrust. A very special HyTrust […]

Succeeding in the Valley – for Women and Men

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Caroline Dowd-Higgens on her podcast, Your Working Life. We discussed a number of topics around career and work and I hope you find the time to listen to not only her interview with me but also some of the other folks she has done podcasts with. […]

NIST 800-125B Might be the Most Important Standard to Defend Your Cloud

The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a range of standards and guidance leveraged by commercial and government entities worldwide.  Recently NIST released a draft Special Publication called SP 800-125 B , Secure Virtual Network Configuration for Virtual Machine (VM) Protection.  This draft standard augments another draft publication SP-800-125 A, Security Recommendations for Hypervisor […]

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