Fred Kost, Author at HyTrust

Fred Kost

G is for Global, Except for GDPR

What is GDPR? For organizations holding information on individuals that must consider data privacy requirements, the G stands for “General” as the General Data Protection Regulation. Is G not for Global? Occasionally I hear someone incorrectly refer to “Global” regarding the G in GDPR. Beyond the G, there seems to be some confusion  about GDPR […]

The Motivations of Those with #Privilege

Recent events with the Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump serve as a reminder of the power of privilege and the potential risk when that power is misused. In this case it appears that a Twitter employee (insider, who was supposedly on the way out the door), perhaps felt motivated based on tweets that they found objectionable or […]

ISACA-LA Presentation “Cybersecurity in Trump Era”

At my recent talk presented at ISACA-LA titled “Cybersecurity in Trump Era” , I shared with the audience the areas that vendors, enterprises, and auditors need to follow to be prepared for anticipated changes in Federal cybersecurity legislation. While the presentation was lengthy, here are some brief highlights: Trump has signed an executive order extending […]

Like Bacon and Eggs, VMware Encryption and HyTrust Key Management

Some things really are better together, like bacon and eggs. You can have just eggs, but breakfast is oh so much better if you can add bacon for a complete breakfast. When it comes to virtual machine encryption, like eggs, you can go without the bacon, or in this case key management, but it’s incomplete. […]

Cloud First, Encryption Second?

Many do not consider the government an early adopter of technology or an operator of data centers at the bleeding edge of innovation. The Cloud First initiative was meant to drive greater adoption of cloud computing amongst government organizations to help achieve cost savings and all the other wonderful advantages that are driving commercial enterprises […]

Data, Data and More Data – ‘to Protect’

Every measure of growth for creation of digital data shows dramatic increases. It’s a major issue for data center architects, data center operators, and even consumers. Consumers face this issue as they chose new mobile devices, striving to have enough storage for the photos, emails, videos, music and digital crumbs of life that they accumulate […]

Houston, We Have a Problem

When the Apollo 13 astronauts had a problem, quick action was needed for the astronauts’ safety and success of the mission, as is often the case with space travel. Companies who handle data between the US and the EU are today realizing… “We have a problem.”   That problem is the obliteration of US-EU Safe […]

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

Virtualization provides amazing efficiencies and cost savings, but over time has also introduced many new security challenges.   Some examples include risks of mixing different data and system security classifications on the same host; extending the same level of security, as found for an on-premise environment, to hybrid cloud deployments; and of course, more recently, how […]

It’s Virtually Impossible to Write a $100 Check

Stop and think what it takes at your company for someone to write a $100 check from the company checkbook. It doesn’t seem like a lot but there are controls in place to make sure that it is not easy to write that $100 check, controls meant to protect the company from fraud, theft and […]

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