Eric Chiu, Author at HyTrust

Eric Chiu

Key Management, KMIP and VMware VM Encryption

At VMworld in Barcelona VMware announced VMware VM Encryption as part of a larger vSphere 6.5 announcement. As a VMware partner (VMware is also a HyTrust investor) we are of course excited to see security being highlighted by VMware. I founded HyTrust in 2007 with the vision of enhancing security for VMware , which was […]

Is it Possible to Protect My Personal Information Online

Recently I was on San Francisco’s KTVU Tech Tuesday dealing with the question of whether or not a regular consumer can protect their personal data online. The short answer is that you can take certain steps to make things more secure, but that in the end there is no 100% way of keeping uploaded data […]

2016 – The Year of Encryption and Other Predictions

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to think about the obligatory list of predictions for the year ahead. While some of these predictions seem like no-brainers, others are a bit more of a speculative reach. That said, sometimes the speculative reaches end up being dead on even if it takes a […]

Healthcare Security Needs Help STAT!

91% of all healthcare organizations suffered a breach in the last two years.  And healthcare data breaches make up over 20% of all data breaches worldwide in just the first half of 2015!  Even more surprising is that these organizations fear employee negligence (70%) and insider threats (26%) as key sources of security breaches – […]

VMWare NSX and HyTrust: The Ideal Combo

Stop by to see the proof-of-concept demo at VMworld 2014 If the field of security is incredibly dynamic, then providing security for dynamic clouds takes it to a whole new level. That’s exactly the challenge the market is facing with VMWare NSX, the network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center. And just […]

What Consumers Should Do in the Wake of the eBay Breach

In yet another high profile data breach, eBay announced the breach of account information for over 100 million users. While eBay does not believe the hackers accessed financial data, it is critical that eBay users change their passwords immediately. The breach is now being investigated by the Attorney General in three states, along with European […]

VMware Speaker Sessions Now Open for Voting

Public voting for VMworld submissions has started! HyTrust, our partners, and our customers have put together a number of compelling sessions on topics including: secure datacenter consolidation, building a FedAMP compliant cloud, insider threats, and the role of policy in SND. You can find our sessions below. Vote Now: 2385 McKesson OneCloud — the […]

What you need to know about cloud security

The cloud, with its basis in virtualization technology, dramatically changes the nature of I.T. services and application delivery. Server virtualization, for example, which is the foundation of both private and public clouds, introduces a level of flexibility, agility and cost savings that are extremely compelling. However, virtualization also introduces new and significant concerns that are […]

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy: The Other IT Security Nightmare

It’s often said (with some justification) that financial services and healthcare are the two most regulated industries around. Sure, the folks in energy, retail and a host of other sectors might they say they have plenty of compliance issues to deal with, and of course they’re right. But as human beings we tend to worry […]

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