Multi-Cloud Workload Security – Powerful Encryption, Policy and Access Control for Virtual and Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments

Virtualize More. Securely.​

Platform Secures Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud​​

For most organizations, it’s not a question of whether to use cloud and virtualization, but rather how and how much. Whether private, public or hybrid cloud, many also reach a point where they would like to virtualize (and save) more, but a variety of regulatory, operational or security concerns keep them from moving forward the way they want to.

With Ultimate Power…

With the coming of products like VMware ESXi, NSX and vSphere, power is concentrated in the hypervisor. Because of the absolute power of the hypervisor over compute, storage and now network, it is vital to properly control access to admin/root accounts as well as control who can do what to the network and servers.

HyTrust CloudControl

CloudControl helps you protect your virtual infrastructure with authentication, authorization and auditing. Better visibility and control simplify compliance and accelerate further virtualization.

  • Virtualize Tier 1/Mission critical applications by addressing security concerns
  • Consolidate data centers with administrative multi-tenancy
  • Simplify compliance with administrative controls requirements in HIPAA, PCI, FedRAMP, CJIS and other privacy regulations
  • Prevent and contain malicious attacks from credential theft or privilege escalatione

HyTrust DataControl

Whether you are running VMs in a private cloud powered by vSphere or a public clouds like IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, vCloud Air or AWS, HyTrust DataControl provides strong encryption for virtual machines in any  cloud, along with easy to deploy key management YOU control.

  • Secure virtual machine data in any public, hybrid or private cloud from the moment it’s created, wherever it goes.
  • Migrate virtual machines from private to public cloud securely
  • Decommission from a cloud provider without leaving legible data behind
  • Control encryption keys yourself, on premises or in the cloud

HyTrust KeyControl

HyTrust KeyControl simplifies the process of key management for applications that do not require sophisticated policy based key management – but still need to perform to scale to enterprise grade level performance. And HyTrust KeyControl does this without costly physical appliances or license fees.

  • Admin GUI makes set up and administration easy
  • Two encryption key controllers can scale up to 8 notes per cluster to handle nearly all scenarios
  • Unlimited encryption key usage
  • KMIP compliant to support the widest range of encryption platforms

HyTrust CloudAdvisor

Lets face it: We live in a data-driven world. Your data is your most valuable corporate asset. Yet, four out of five organizations don’t know where their sensitive data is located or how to secure it.

It should be no surprise that without a comprehensive understanding of your data it’s impossible to completely secure it against a multitude of cyberhacks, insider threats, general misuse, obscurity, or a wide variety of other risks.

But by taking a proactive approach to understanding your data and data management policies, you stand a far better chance of preventing the next data breach and passing the next regulatory audit.

  • Where your sensitive data is located?
  • Who is accessing or modifying it?
  • What files are being changed?
  • When your data activity is happening?
  • Why your sensitive data is exposed?