DataControl: Strong AWS Encryption

AWS Encryption from HyTrust​

​Secure Virtual Workloads on AWS​

The public cloud can offload IT requirements and offer better business agility, but recent IT surveys show more than 50% of IT managers withhold sensitive data from the cloud because of security concerns. With this many IT managers withholding sensitive data from the cloud, it will be difficult if not impossible to take full advantage of the opportunities that public and hybrid cloud architectures bring. Indeed, the reality is that virtualization introduces security concerns that escalate significantly as organizations move to private, hybrid or public clouds.

If you are moving to AWS – or any other public cloud – HyTrust can help you take better advantage of those well understood cloud efficiencies without impacting security. HyTrust DataControl offers strong encryption with integrated key management to secure virtual machines and their data throughout their lifecycle. DataControl is easy to deploy and is uniquely able to encrypt or re-key data without taking applications offline.​ And since HyTrust DataControl is NIST approved, you can be confident that your data is safe from initial encryption until eventual retirement of the VM hosting that data.

Advantages of HyTrust DataControl AWS Encryption:

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to Use
  • Runs on new or existing VMs
  • Zero Downtime Deployment
  • Zero Downtime Rekeying
  • Powerful Key Management
  • Encryption travels with VM
  • Works with Windows and Linux
  • Available as native AMI

Security is important and should be a fundamental element of your IT architecture. This is particularly true for virtual and cloud infrastructure. Of course, we understand that things, including well considered plans, can change, and that is one of the reasons we have engineered HyTrust DataControl AWS Encryption to move with the VM. Should you migrate from private to public cloud or from one cloud provider to another, your data should remain safely encrypted and with HyTrust it does.