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HyTrust Overview and Demo: How You Can Mitigate the Concentration of Security Risk Brought on by Virtualization

Oct 10, 2013, Events

With Server and Data Center Consolidation Has Come Incredible Concentration of Privilege Access and Management Power.

HyTrust has designed controls on controls working in sequence to all but completely eliminate the chances of APTs, hackers, and malicious / compromised / errant insiders from penetrating and/or destroying your virtual infrastructure.

HyTrust's powerful cloud security is proven with Fortune 500 customers in healthcare, technology, finance, mil/aero, retail, and all facets of government to help improve operational efficiency and enhance the security and compliance posture of virtual infrastructure.

Join virtualization security experts from HyTrust, our enterprise security and infrastructure partners, and our customers as we discuss how to help you accelerate business innovation and growth with HyTrust virtualization security, and enable your IT organization with a service-based platform for your LOB customers.

We will discuss three critical guards for your virtual gates including:
• Two-factor authentication – ensure those insiders entering your virtualized Corp IT with a compromised password only are stopped here.
• Role-based limitations – if they have strong crypto powers, ensure they are fenced in by the role they have compromised – including geo-fences with TXT
• Alerting and Secondary Approvals – if they still get through – ensure “out of band” activity like cloning , accessing, and deleting VMs send alerts to appropriate management

As we are constantly reminded, neither Passwords nor Perimeter Defense are enough to combat technically advanced, organized, funded hacking groups these days and likely into the future.

Only HyTrust offers this level of protection against threats to your virtual infrastructure.

Click to register today for this interactive, informative, 40-minute webinar on Thursday, October 10th, with HyTrust Systems Engineering lead, Ken Sigel, and start securing your virtualization and cloud initiatives today.

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