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SecTor – Canada's Premier IT Security Conference!

Oct 20, 2015

Stop by the HyTrust booth at SecTor – Canada’s Premier IT Security Conference October 20 & 21, 2015 Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Webinar: Three Cloud Security Risks You Must Address

Jun 11, 2015 - 2PM ET / 11 AM PT

In this webinar, our guests, Forrester Research’s Andras Cser, VP and Principal Analyst serving Security and Risk Professionals, and VMware's Todd Zambrovitz, Senior Manager for vCloud Air, take a deep dive into the fundamentals of cloud security.

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CU InfoSecurity 2015

Jun 03, 2015

“Locking Down Virtual Machines” is the topic Hemma Prafullchandra, SVP & CTO of HyTrust, will be discussing at this year’s Credit Union InfoSecurity conference in Las Vegas. Hemma’s session will explore policy management techniques and access control best practices for VMs and private clouds.

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Infosecurity Europe

Jun 02, 2015

HyTrust will be one of the featured exhibitors at Infosecurity Europe, Europe's number one information security event. Make sure you stop by our stand to see why HyTrust has been deployed by organizations in the Global 1000 to simplify compliance, improve data security and create operational assurance in their private and hybrid clouds. June 2 – 4, 2015, Olympia - London, UK.

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Webinar: The Cost of Failing an Audit

May 27, 2015 - 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Breaches are happening with alarming frequency – even for organizations that have passed their compliance audits. This webinar will help outline the consequences of these types of security breaches — including brand damage, loss of revenue, downtime, privacy penalties, forensics investigations, and cyber Insurance coverage. It will also highlight the steps that organizations can take to address...

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Webinar: Breaking the Cloud “Kill Chain”

May 07, 2015

Defending against advanced threats is one of the most difficult challenges facing enterprise security teams, and privileged virtualization admin accounts are rich targets. In this webinar, Chris Morales, Principal Systems Engineer at HyTrust, explains the "cloud kill chain" - the sequence of actions attackers put in place to gain unfettered access to virtualized infrastructure - and outlines...

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Webinar: Enabling Operational Excellence In Your Virtual And Cloud Environments

Feb 19, 2015

Organizations and agencies are taking full advantage of the flexibility, agility, and cost savings realized by virtualization. This webinar will focus on the operational challenges facing virtualization professionals and managers.

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Webinar: Planning for PCI Compliance in the Cloud

Feb 05, 2015

Virtualization changes everything. The agility and cost efficiencies enabled  by virtualization and the cloud are beneficial, as long as you understand why virtualization requires different security. With this understanding you can safely and securely move even regulated applications and data, including  PCI, to these infrastructures. In this webinar featuring Forrester Research VP, principal...

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Webinar: Adding Critical Data Security to AWS Instances

Dec 11, 2014

The public cloud can offload IT requirements and offer better business agility, but recent IT surveys show more than 50% of IT managers withhold sensitive data from the cloud because of security concerns. Most organizations feel that data in the cloud is data out of their control. But now it’s possible to leverage AWS while still maintaining data privacy and security. In this webinar, Steve...

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Webinar: PCI 3.0 Compliance for Canadian Organizations

Dec 10, 2014

PCI 3.0 comes into effect in just a couple of months, and it brings big changes to PCI compliance requirements and control implementation. The changes highlight the need to maintain compliance continuously to defend against today's sophisticated threats, rather than focus on the annual audit. Furthermore, these changes need to be considered against the backdrop of increasing efficiency through...

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