Security Designed into Software-Defined Data Center Accelerates Cost and Agility Benefits, HyTrust Study Reveals

Study of senior business and technology executives shows clear understanding of quantifiable and undeniable benefits gained from virtualization and the cloud

Study Reveals Biggest Barrier to Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption in government is increasing, and the reasons are many: Adopting cloud services can lend an organization greater flexibility and agility, and save it dollars. But for those C-level executives who aren’t adopting, it's not because they're being stubborn or encountering significant barriers to adoption: A new study suggests that the "barriers" encountered may primarily be psychological, as the technology is catching up to business need.

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Security concerns are top issue keeping orgs from virtualising all apps

The new 2016 State of the Cloud and SDDC Study from HyTrust surveyed more than 500 C-level executives, directors, vice presidents, IT managers, engineers and other tech leaders in large and medium enterprises in the UK and US to understand the issues and trends related to deploying an SDDC.

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Security is becoming less of a concern for the software-defined data center

Many proponents of the software-defined data center (SDDC) believe this is the year that it will gain significant traction on its path to becoming a permanent fixture among larger enterprises. One of the main reasons for this optimism is the belief that security is becoming less of a barrier to adoption.

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Here’s why Silicon Valley startups sell to foreign militaries instead of the Pentagon

Silicon Valley founders say they would like to sell their products and services to the U.S. military but are selling to foreign powers instead.
Doing business with the Pentagon is just too hard, they say.

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Achieving Greater Agility

The Cipher Brief spoke to Eric Chiu of HyTrust, a cloud cybersecurity company that recently released a report detailing trends in and attitudes towards cloud-based data centers and security automation. According to Chiu, greater automation on the security side is necessary in order to keep up with the agile business environment created by cloud-based data centers.

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Companies high on virtualization despite fears of security breaches

Companies are feeling more comfortable with the cloud, virtualization and even software defined data centers than ever before, despite their fears about security breaches, according to a study due out this month by technology companies HyTrust and Intel.

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HyTrust Software-Defined Data Center Study Shows Strong Positive Indicators for Deployment

Looking at the big picture, the view is indeed positive: 65% of the respondents predict faster deployment in 2016, while 62% anticipate increased adoption. About 51% say they will see greater tangible benefits and a quantifiable ROI, such as enhanced efficiency, agility, flexibility and provisioning. Nearly half, 49%, see greater adoption of network virtualization, while even more, 53%, say the same about storage virtualization.

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