SC Magazine: HyTrust is a 2014 Cloud Security Innovator

Dec 10, 2014, Media

SC Magazine features HyTrust as a virtualization and cloud security innovator for the third consecutive year.

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NetWork World: Nearly a billion records were compromised in 2014

Nov 17, 2014, Media

In retrospect, it can be safely said that criminals have had a tremendous run this year. But will their successes lead to any actionable change?

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Vmblog: HyTrust 2015 Predictions: Eleven Cloud Predictions

Nov 17, 2014, Media

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2015. Contributed article by Eric Chiu, president & co-founder of HyTrust.

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Datacenter Dynamics: Security comes into focus at AWS re:Invent

Nov 16, 2014, Media

Amazon and its partners are working hard to boost security on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as public clouds cannibalize traditional data center workloads.

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Examiner: Amazon web services now utilizes HyTrust DataControl

Nov 14, 2014, Media

One of the paramount concerns for enterprises or corporations is ensuring the safeguard of sensitive data in the cloud. At a time when data breaches prove to be costly and problematic for institutions victim of a cyber-attack having the appropriate security solution is essential

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Third Certainty: Postal Service breach offers cautionary Lesson

Nov 13, 2014, Media

The massive data breach disclosed by U.S. Postal Service is a stark reminder that cyber criminals’ appetite for personal data is just as voracious as it is for stolen credit card numbers.

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HyTrust Makes HyTrust DataControl™ Available Through AWS Marketplace

Nov 11, 2014, Press Releases

Native AMI gives enterprises zero-downtime encryption and complete control of their keys to support security and compliance requirements in the cloud MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Nov.11, 2014 – HyTrust Inc., the Cloud Security Automation Company, today announced that HyTrust DataControl™, a leading public cloud encryption solution, is now available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) through AWS...

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ECT News Network: USPS Employees, Retirees, Customers Exposed in Hack Attack Nov 11, 2014. Media.

Nov 11, 2014, Media

The USPS breach further indicates that data is the new currency, and attackers "are going after rich veins of private information, whether it's employee or customer data," Eric Chiu, president and cofounder of HyTrust, told TechNewsWorld.

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Infosecurity Magazine: Home Depot: Massive Breach Happened Via Third-Party Vendor Credentials

Nov 07, 2014, Media

"Insider threats are not only the No. 1 cause of breaches, but also lead to the biggest damage; this is because once on the network, an outside attacker looks like any other employee and can take their time siphoning off data without being seen," said Eric Chiu, president and co-founder of HyTrust.

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NIST Press Release: HyTrust Executive Joins NIST Advisory Committee

Nov 04, 2014, Media

Hemma Prafullchandra, chief technology officer and senior vice president of products at HyTrust, has been named to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology (VCAT).

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