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CRN: HyTrust Included in CRN's top 100 Security Hotshots of the Year

Jul 22, 2014, Media

CRN's Emerging Vendors for 2014 looks at the hot tech startups rising in the channel and making their presence known through the technology industry as a whole.

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NBC News: Cybercrime Costs Business $445 Billion and Thousands of Jobs

Jun 09, 2014, Media

Cybercrime drains about $445 billion from businesses each year, according to a new study -- and that cost trickles down to consumers in the form of job losses and other repercussions they may not realize.

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The Washington Post: After the Heartbleed Bug, researchers took a closer look at OpenSSL – and found more problems.

Jun 06, 2014, Media

"It doesn't surprise me that we are seeing a number of new reported flaws in OpenSSL,” HyTrust chief architect Steve Pate said in a statement. “After the Heartbleed bug was announced, one thing we could guarantee was that all eyes would be on the OpenSSL source code, scrutinizing it for issues"

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KRON4 News: HyTrust on the ebay Breach

May 24, 2014, Media

KRON 4 news interviews HyTrust founder Eric Chiu on the recent ebay breach where an attacker was able to leverage the credential of a company insider.

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NBC Bay Area: HyTrust's Eric Chiu Interviewed on eBay Breach

May 23, 2014, Media

Discusses the risks associated with this breach, and how companies should be thinking about security in the aftermath.

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San Jose Mercury: Shoring Up Cyber-Security Tied to Bottom-Line Losses

May 22, 2014, Media

Most companies are focused on revenues and profits; unfortunately, security doesn't drive either of those two priorities," said Eric Chiu, president of Mountain View security company HyTrust. "Instead, they view investment in security as insurance which they can put off until something bad happens, which is too late.

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Wired: When a CEO Takes the Fall (Over Information Security)

May 21, 2014, Media

HyTrust CEO Eric Chiu addresses the impact of the Target CEO's resignation - an unprecedented statement on the importance of data security for any organization.

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USA Today: eBay Urges Users to Change Passwords after Breach

May 21, 2014, Media

Online marketplace eBay says it will urge users to change their passwords following a "cyberattack" on a database with encrypted passwords and non-financial data.

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Network Intrusion, Unauthorized use of administrator credentials "Destroys DogeCoin Data"

May 16, 2014, Media

Attackers tampered with the crypto-currency and disrupted service, according to a static message on the Doge Vault website, which was still non-functional three days after the incident.

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Computer America

May 08, 2014, Media

HyTrust President Eric Chiu interviewed in depth about HyTrust and cloud security. You can find the 60 minute interview with Eric at 61:43.

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