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  • Compliance Roadblocks
  • Unplanned Downtime
  • Jeopardizing Security
  • Oh Not So Fast

    Virtualization and cloud provide tremendous business benefits: agility, lower cost, flexibility, all worth chasing. But both often also elicits the “oh not so fast” response when considering audit and compliance. HyTrust delivers solutions to help you drive up virtualization ratios and server utilization, achieve multi-tenant segmentation and also encrypt data for your public and private cloud.

    Compliance Solutions

  • The Dreaded Fat Finger

    Virtualization and cloud enables rapid deployment at scale and provides elasticity to adapt quickly. Most things in life have a flipside and so does the data center. As quickly as a new service can be enabled, a fat fingered mistake can bring it down. HyTrust delivers solutions to help you reduce downtime and operational failures by enforcing a second set of eyes or granular permissions for changes to your virtualization environment.

    Security Solutions

  • The Malevolent Insider

    Virtualization and cloud are eroding the traditional notion of the perimeter that we have lived with. We have seen both rogue insiders gone bad as well as attackers targeting highly privileged accounts as a first step to penetrating the network and wreaking havoc. HyTrust delivers solutions that protect your data in virtualized and cloud environments and provide granular controls to monitor and enforce your policy for virtualization administrator actions.

    Security Solutions

Our Customers Trust in Us

  • "HyTrust is a virtual appliance done right. Deployment in virtual environments is very simple, time-to-value is fast and easy, and the under-the-cover controls are flexible and feature rich, with a lot of capabilities to customize."

    – Dustin Schnabel, Senior Engineer, CoSentry

  • "The HyTrust Appliance is the robust solution we need to offer essential new capabilities to our growing customer base - while enforcing policies and maintaining the
    utmost security."

    – UC Berkeley, Systems Administrator

  • "The automated features of the solution, ease in logging and level of detail have built trust in our virtualization strategy. From an operational standpoint, trying to physically segment the virtual infrastructure was cumbersome, complex and expensive."

    – Gurusimran Khalsa, Systems Group Supervisor, New Mexico Human Services Department

  • "As CEO, what I find exciting about HyTrust is that it enables companies like ours to have the best of both worlds: improved margins from cutting-edge virtualization alongside secure customer information, satisfied auditors, and happy board members."

    – CEO,

Solution Briefs

HyTrust Security for VMware NSX

Save time on compliance and audit reporting and speed time to resolution for trouble shooting with advanced reporting on NSX admin access and changes.


Solution Briefs

vRealize Air Compliance and HyTrust: Compliance Made Easy

The powerful combination of vRealize™ Air™ Compliance and HyTrust CloudControl and DataControl enables organizations to monitor and secure their virtual infrastructure to reduce operational risks and proactively maintain continuous compliance.


Solution Briefs

Safe Harbor: End of an Era

The end of the US/EU Safe Harbor data framework will impact the 5000+ multinationals doing business in both the US and Europe. While the final outcome is not yet certain, Germany and even countries like Israel have rejected some of the fundmental Safe Harbor principles, which means that organizations are going to have to take action with solutions involving technical solution, policy changes or both. This paper provides a high level overview of some of the options.

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Technical Solutions to Safe Harbor Challenges

The fall of Safe Harbor has created a number of challenges for the 5000+ multinational organizations impacted. Fortunately there are a number of options available, both technical and policy based, that can help organizations cope with these changes. Learn more in this free webinar.


On Demand Webinar

No More Safe Harbors on the Cloud

If you do business, have vendors, or have staff in Europe — you need to take action now. The Safe Harbor framework has helped U.S. companies deal with European Union data privacy and protection mandates since 1995 via Directive 95/46/EC. However, on October 6, 2015, Europe’s highest court (European Court of Justice) ruled the existing Safe Harbor laws invalid.